Next to the house where I live there was an empty lot, where now they’re building a house or something, they’ve been working since last year. At first, I didn’t payed too much attention, but then they started hammering the walls. For what I understand, when building a house you need to make your own walls and don’t use your neighbors. I told their boss about it and he told me:

“We aren’t nailing the wall, we are nailing the bricks.”

And they continued, I told them again, and they continued. I then decided that it was useless and decided to call the house owners, they told me to let it be. So I ignored them, maybe I was wrong, maybe is okay to use the next house walls to support yours. That was more or so a year ago, since then until now they continued hammering over and over again.

Anyway, during Holly days (last year Christmas) that group stopped working, and during new year some new people started working there and continued the hammering. It was (is) a torture specially since I work from home and I’m sick so I have to spend many time at home, but I decided I’ll deal with it, after all the house owners told me it was ok, and eventually they finally built a wall and I thought whenever they are hammering, is their wall, so I was OK with that.

As I said, I spend a lot of time home, a couple weeks ago I listen the door opening, when I went to check there was no one. I thought it was just the wind or something and continued my day as usual. That night when getting ready to go out, I couldn’t find my shoes. Since covid, I always leave my shoes near the door, so it makes no sense to be anywhere else, I looked everywhere, but I never found them.

The neighborhood have a private security (which honestly I don’t pay since is expensive), I asked the guard if he knows who own the place, maybe talking to the boss/owner will have some results. The guard asked me what happened and I told him, he then said he would talk to the owner and tell he’s boss (the guard boss) about it since it was dangerous for the whole neighborhood.

Next day the boss (of the construction workers) rang my bell, he had an angry looking and asked me if I have a problem with them using the house entry to park their bikes. I told him no, my problem was that they were throwing all the debris and trash on the entrance (they even put some giant rock they dug out on my walkway. He told me not to worry, that they’ll take them. That was before Easter.

The next day there was some beer cans and empty soda bottles all around the entrance. Last week they finally moves away some of the rocks.

Some days ago, I heard noise on the ceiling. I hit the ceiling with the stick of a mop and ask if someone was there, one of them answer me not to worry, that a tool fall on the ceiling , I then told him to not get on the ceiling.

Today, I heard some noise near the windows, I went to see and they were throwing wet concrete or cement all around the yard and to the windows.

Honestly I don’t know what to do. I can’t go anywhere else and the owners of the house just tell me to be careful since the country is dangerous (I’m not in the US) the guard also told me something similar.

Edit: The country where I live is Nicaragua.

I want to thanks everyone for your advice, it really helped me having different points of view. During all this time I’ve tried to be patient, but since they get in the house I lose it, but I guess been patient is all I can do, hopefully they’ll finish soon and I can go on with my life leaving this behind.

  • NowheremanA
    3 months ago

    I went crazy when that happend for a few days. Can’t imagine a year :/